Who we are

Golf… for all, not just a few, and in an environment-friendly way

Florinas Golf course was founded in 2014 and is affiliated to the Italian Golf Federation. It deals with golf practice, whether for competitions or for learning with our certified golf coach, and it is for all, regardless of their age or their income.

Florinas Golf is a multifunction course, that is, it has two different layouts that allow two kinds of golf practice: an 18-hole pitch and putt course within a 9-hole standard course. (The course layout changes every day: the standard course is played on even days, while the pitch and putt course is played on odd days. Flags and signs are unmistakable so it is easy to know which is which).

Furthermore, Florinas Golf also organises cultural events and genuinely cares about cultural, environmental and landscape values linked to the area where it is located.

Florinas Golf has always adopted a “low-fee” policy, similar to other sports (gym, tennis, etc.), in order to make golf accessible to all, no matter their social background.

What is more, we are an environmentally-sustainable and user-friendly golf course. Pesticides are banned from the course, thus avoiding any contamination. Water consumption is limited – about ¼ of an average agricultural crop – thanks to our use of macrotherm grass with low maintenance and irrigation requirements on greens and fairways  (seashore papsalum, or Paspalum vaginatum, was also sown on the fairways of the famous Marco Simone course, which will host the 2023 Rider Cup). We also use renewable energy sources: for instance, our photovoltaic system covers about 60% of our energy requirements. Instead of building new facilities, we have restored old farm buildings, and we have rehabilitated an area formerly used as a quarry.

In other words, our environmentally friendly approach can be economically rewarding and aims at debunking the commonplace that tends to view golf as a practice that is harmful to the environment.

The equation Environment-friendly golf = Golf accessible to all is our goal and our challenge. We believe in it.